Offering Hope to those that grieve
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Grief In the Workplace

It is important to understand grief in the workplace because our jobs are a large part of our daily lives. It can be difficult to maintain productive relationships with someone who is angry, anxious, and depressed, and interacting with traumatized people can make others feel traumatized as well. When a grieving employee is required to return to work after three days of bereavement leave, they are often not ready to have their head in the game. Cornerstone is available to send a team to businesses and community organizations after an employee has experienced the death of a loved one. The team will educate that persons colleagues on how to support a grieving person, how to make the transition back to work after a death smoother, and provide emotional and spiritual support.

In addition, if there is a workplace death, Cornerstone will send a trauma team to the site of the accident to educate and support the organization.

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