Offering Hope to those that grieve
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Our Mission and History

MISSION STATEMENT: Cornerstone of Hope is dedicated to providing support, education, and hope for the grieving.

Guided by Christian values of compassion and service, we welcome and serve all seeking support.

In May of 2000, Mark and Christi Tripodi experienced what no parent is prepared to go through - the sudden and tragic death of their three-year-old son, Bobby. After recovering from the disbelief of what had just happened, they sought support for themselves and their surviving children; reaching for an outlet to safely grieve as individuals and as a family.

Unfortunately, what they found was a significant lack of community grief support options. They found local groups that met on a monthly basis, most meeting in hospices, church basements, or temporarily-converted office suites. But monthly gatherings were not frequent enough for the newness of their grief. And the short-term environments did not convey the comfort, compassion, and hope they needed to mend the brokenness they felt within.

So, the Tripodi’s decided to begin searching for organizations dedicated to bereavement care that could aid them in their difficult journey. They visited a number of dynamic centers across the country which offered support to grieving families and, in time, found something that worked for them. They began to feel the hope to move forward and begin living again.

In that healing, the Tripodi’s realized the gift they had been given in their own bereavement care. They began to see that there were so many people like them in their community who needed similar grief support. As a way to honor their son’s life, it became the Tripodi’s mission to make quality grief support available.

In 2003, Mark and Christi Tripodi founded Cornerstone of Hope, to not only help people understand and accept their grief, but to help them move forward and embrace a life full of hope.

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