Offering Hope to those that grieve
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Support Groups

Grief Support Groups
Structured Support Groups
Topics related to grief are explored each week and opportunities are provided for participants to explore their healing process. Most of Cornerstone's support groups are offered at no cost. There is a $10/session fee for the Transcending Grief Series.To register for one of these groups, please call 216.524.4673.

Adult Support Groups
■ Young Adult | A group for grieving adults ages 18-32 years old. View the flyer

■ General Loss | A group for grieving adults. This group may break down into smaller groups of those who have lost a spouse, those who have lost a parent, and those who have lost a child. View the flyer

■ Perinatal/Infant Loss | A group for grieving adults who have had a miscarriage or have lost a child under the age of 2. View the flyer

■ Lost a Loved one to Murder | A group for those who have lost a loved one to murder and the feelings associated with this type of loss. View the flyer

■ Lost a Loved one to Suicide | A group for those who have lost a loved one to suicide that incorporates discussion on the feelings associated with this type of loss. View the flyer

■ Lost a Loved one to Accidental Overdose | A group for those who have lost a loved one to accidental overdose, and the group will also discuss addiction and emotions from this type of loss. View the flyer

■ TAPS | A group for those who have lost a loved one serving in the military, a partnership between the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and Cornerstone of Hope. View the flyer

Group for Children, Teens & Families
■ FLIGHT-Families living in grief and healing together | This group is for families that wish to attend a weekly group at the same time. Breakout groups are separated by age to ensure that material and discussions are age appropriate. View the flyer

Specialty Groups
Continuing Hope Groups
These groups are for people that have previously completed a Cornerstone of Hope 8-week support group and are looking to continue their grief journey with Cornerstone of Hope.

■ Bible Study | A group that will discuss key elements of the grieving process while studying the Bible and how it can help in understanding God's role and power in our healing. View the flyer

■ Transcending Grief Series | This group will support you in the continuation of your grief journey. Participate each month or just attend the topics that interest you. As with all groups, you must register in advance. Please note that there is a cost of $10 per session for this group.
View the flyer

■ Love After Loss | These dynamic classes are free and open to any adult who has lost their spouse or special love. Classes are open to anyone whether or not they have used Cornerstone’s services previously. Dinner will be provided, and you do not have to attend all classes, but it is recommended that you try to commit to the full series. Register Online
View the flyer

■ Cinematherapy | This group will watch a movie each week relating to loss. We will discuss how each film expresses different loss.

■ Photo Therapy | Find how taking photos and finding photos of loved ones can help you express your emotions artistically. You must own a camera or have a cell phone with a camera to participate.

■ Running/Walking Grief Group | A group where you will listen to inspirational music while running or walking with others. At the end of each session, you will discuss the song lyrics you listened to and how they relate to grief.

■ Teen Multi-Media Group | A group for teens ages 13-18 that incorporates creative ways for them to explore their grief, process and find healing after a loss. Photography, journaling and art therapy will be included. You must have completed FLIGHT in order to participate.

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