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Our Board

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Cornerstone’s Board of Trustees meets every other month and is aware of all financial aspects of the organization. In addition to reviewing and approving the upcoming year’s operating budget and participating in the development of our Strategic Plan, all board members are financial contributors to Cornerstone’s mission.

Current Board Members and Officers:
Christi Tripodi, Founder
Mark Tripodi, Founder/Executive Director
Michael Neff, Chairperson
Jeff Spetrino, Treasurer
Judith Matsko, Secretary
Mike Bruno
Timothy Clepper
Jay DeFinis
Kathy Futey
Tom Futey
Cynthia Haire
Missy Hayes
Wendy Komac
Alec Kulik
Bobbie Lindenbaum
Willie Littlejohn
Laurie Malone
Joan Maser
Jim Milano
Brian Nowak
Wayne Ostrosky
Jason Palus
Casey Rasata
Dan Tompkins
Loree Vick
James Vilcheck
Dave Wheeler

Columbus Board of Directors
Barbara Fohl
Charlie Green
Alex Hastie
Bruce Hooley
K.P. Kelly
Tom Kurtz
Gary McNutt
Craig Robinette
Michelle Slawinski
Patrick Smith
Andy Weeks

Founding Board Members
Ed Butler
Bobby DiGeronimo
Donnie DiGeronimo
Denise Dufala
Dino Lucarelli
Lisa Kurtz Luciano*
Frank Rini
Patrick Rollins

*Until we meet again

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