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School Crisis Response Team

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Children spend a significant portion of their day at school. So when those children are affected by a crisis such as a violent incident, car accident, suicide, terminal illness, or the death of another student or faculty member, they need immediate and intense support from their school. A school’s faculty and administration needs to be equipped to handle a child’s grief with the sensitivity, compassion, and expertise a child so desperately needs. The challenge is in having enough trained and qualified people to meet the need.

Columbus: We are currently looking for professionals interested in building a Crisis Response Team in Central Ohio, if you are interested, please contact us at 614.824.4285 for more information on upcoming trainings. Download the April 2015 training brochure

Since 2004, Cornerstone of Hope has been working to form and train Crisis Counseling Teams in counties throughout Northeast Ohio. Cornerstone of Hope works with school staff, mental health professionals, social workers, clergy, etc. to form and train teams equipped to respond to situations.

Cornerstone provides such services as:
Consultation with School Personnel: Assisting in making decisions regarding how to inform students about the death, identifying students at risk for intense grief reactions, setting up counseling opportunities at the school, offering information and suggestions for teachers regarding supporting grieving children in the classroom, writing letters to parents, holding memorials and addressing any other issues that might arise.

Student Debriefing: Meeting with children individually or in a small group in order to identify their reactions to the loss, help them to understand those reactions, correct misconceptions, educate the children about possible future reactions, and suggest or teach positive coping skills.

Individual Counseling: Meeting with a student who needs one-on-one support (and helping the student to follow up with additional support as needed).

Classroom Presentations: Depending on the type of crisis, classroom presentations, with a format similar to Student Debriefing, are conducted to speak to the class about the loss, be available to answer questions, and help educate the children about grieving and obtaining support to deal with that grief.

For more information, please contact Laura at Cornerstone of Hope at 216.524.HOPE(4673) or via email at

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