Overdose Grief Reactions

The following Grief Reactions are common from death by Overdose:

Feel they could have prevented the death or should have done more to prevent it
Blame self for the addiction
Guilt for feeling relief that they no longer have to live with the chaos of addiction
Obsess over actions taken or not taken to help the person

Feel judged by others “bad family or parent”
For enabling the person who died
This type of loss is not as deserving of mourning and sympathy
Hesitate to ask for help from friends or family
Reluctance to openly discuss the death

Blaming the drug dealers or fellow users for the death
Blaming the deceased, perhaps labeling him/her a bad person
Blaming other family members for not preventing the death or doing more to stop the addiction
Blaming others for the deceased starting to use or abuse drugs in the first place

Afraid other family members, especially the children of the deceased will begin using in the future
Fear that others known to use will die
Fear others with a history will relapse