Annual Fund Campaign

Hi.  My name is Ashley LeFevre.  In 2013, at the age of 28, I was referred to Cornerstone of Hope by a friend who had grieved a sudden loss and attended a support group.  I was struggling with the recent loss of my father, and she felt that Cornerstone of Hope could help me, too.  When I attended a Young Adult Support Group, I knew she was right.  It was a wonderful experience and I still stay in touch with the individuals from the group.

Fast forward five years when, in 2018, I found myself needing the support of Cornerstone of Hope once again.  My mother’s passing was devastating, and I was grieving on many levels because of the circumstances.  Tragically, during my mother’s final 10 days, I was unable to visit her because I was sick and could not run the risk of greater jeopardizing her already serious health situation.  Isolation from a loved one, especially during the final hours or days of their life, is difficult.  After my mom passed, once again, I needed Cornerstone of Hope.

This time, I joined an Adult Support Group.  The group facilitator exceeded my expectations.  She had the ability to create a safe, caring environment where I could open up so freely and share my inner thoughts, fears and emotions.  Something that stood out for me was when she educated our group on “False Guilt.” She understood the reasons I would feel guilty in my grief journey, but explained wonderfully that what I was feeling was false guilt.  Having that understanding helped me so much to let go of the weight of guilt, and it felt like a huge breakthrough in my journey.  She pointed out that “What if you would’ve visited her while you were sick?” That simple question made me realize that I would have had a greater guilt if I were to blame myself for her death.  During the support group, I learned how to cope with grief and was given a better understanding of the grief I was facing.  These tools saved my life.

Some of the other women that participated in the support group have become some of my closest and dearest friends and supporters.  Through Cornerstone, I was provided a 10-week support group, but the friendships and support I gained from this group will last a lifetime.  Our group gets together for girls’ weekends to continue to support each other, and we have attended Cornerstone of Hope’s memorial programs, like the Butterfly Release, together.  You will also find me/us at the Christmas Candlelight Service, Paver Ceremony, and Holiday Grief series.  I miss my parents and will always grieve their loss, however, thanks to Cornerstone of Hope, I have moved through grief and I am happy on the other side.

Cornerstone of Hope gave me my life back.  I cannot thank you enough for providing a safe and supportive facility for grievers, and I am forever grateful for each of my support groups.  To the founders, I am so sorry for your tragic loss, but thank you for taking something bad and turning it into something so good for so many people.  That is what the journey is all about and I hope I find my path to help others the same way some day.

I ask for you to help give HOPE and be the support for grievers who so desperately need Cornerstone of Hope.  Your donation makes an impact and provides a breakthrough in someone’s grief journey.  YOU GIVE HOPE.


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