Biblical Passages

When You Are in Need of Peace

Hear me when I call, Ps. 4

He will speak peace, Ps. 85:8

We have peace with God, Rom. 5:1-5

The peace of God, Col. 3:15

But we have this treasure, 2 Cor. 4:7-18

God is our refuge, Ps. 46

O give thanks, Ps. 107

Peace I leave with you, John 14:27

The Lord will give strength, Ps. 29:11

For the kingdom of God, Rom. 14:17

And the peace of God, Phil. 4:7


When You Are in Need of Prayer

Have mercy on me, Ps. 4

Return, O Lord, Ps. 6

Unto thee, O Lord, Ps. 25

As the heart panteth, Ps. 25

David prays for mercy, Ps. 51

The Lord’s prayer, Matt. 6:5-15

Pharisee and publican, Luke 18:10-14

Promise to disciples, John 14:13-14

Confidence in Jesus, I John 5:14-15

He shall hear my voice, Ps. 55:17

Cornelius’ prayer answered, Acts 10

Ask, and it shall be given, Luke 11:9

By prayer and supplication, Phil. 4:6

Pray without ceasing, I Thes. 5:17

I intreated thy favor, Ps. 119:58

And ye shall see Me, Jer. 29:13


When You Are Weary

Eternal God is they refuge, Deut. 33:27

Cast thy burden, Ps. 55:22

Renew their strength, Isa. 40:31

When my soul fainted, Jonah 2:7

Come unto me, Matt. 11:28-30

My heart faileth, Ps. 73:26

Inward man is renewed, 2 Cor. 4:16


When You Need Patience

We count them happy which endure, James 5:11

Ye have need of patience, Heb. 10:36

Ask of God, James 1:3-5

Be patient, 1 Thess. 5:14

We shall reap, Gal. 6:9

Bring forth fruit, Luke 8:15

In your patience, Luke 21:19

The patient in spirit, Eccl. 7:8


When You Are Angry

He that backbiteth, Ps. 15:1-3

Jonah’s anger, Jonah 4

He that is soon angry, Prov. 14:17

Make no friendship, Prov. 22:24

An angry man, Prov. 29:22

Be not hasty, Eccl. 7:9

Whosoever is angry, Matt. 5:22

Be ye angry, and sin not, Eph. 4:26

Cease from anger, Ps. 37:8

He that is slow to anger, Prov. 19:11

Put off all these, Col. 3:8


When You Feel That Justice Is Not Done

Jonah is reproved, Jonah 4

Avenge not yourselves, Rom. 12:19

God, to whom vengeance, Ps. 94:1

Justice and judgment, Ps. 89:14

The last shall be first, Matt. 19:27-30

Why standest thou afar off, Ps. 10


When Friends Fail You

Plead my cause, O Lord, Ps. 35

Yea, mine own familiar friend, Ps. 41:9-13

For it was not an enemy, Ps. 55:12-23

If thy brother trespass, Luke 17:3-4

Bless them which persecute, Rom. 12:14-21