Adult Support Groups

Cornerstone of Hope offers a variety of adult support groups to grieving adults in the Cleveland, OH area.


Adult Grief Support | Losing a parent, sibling or friend can deeply impact an individual. This group is for all adults who are grieving the death of a loved one no matter the relationship.

Child Loss | The death of a child leaves parents feeling brokenhearted and alone. This group brings parents together, no matter the age of the child, to share and find hope on their journey.

Complicated Loss | Sometimes there are individuals in our lives who are hard to love because you may have had a difficult relationship with them. The people we lose often had very human problems such as addictions, mental health issues, abuse/neglect, gambling, and infidelity. These problems have a lasting impact on your life. So, when death occurs, you are left with conflicting emotions about the individual, yourself, and your relationship with them. This group offers a safe place to explore these feelings and unresolved issues with others who understand. Join us for this educational and supportive group that will provide helpful insight into moving forward with hope.

Grandparent Grief | Grandparents are often the forgotten grievers after the loss of a child. The focus is on the bereaved parent and siblings of the child who was lost, but not grandma and grandpa. Yet grandparents often carry a double burden. They are grieving the loss of their grandchild, while at the same time trying to support their child who is hurting. Cornerstone is now offering this specific support group for grieving grandparents so that they may find a source of hope and comfort with others who share their pain of loss.

Murder Loss | When a person has lost a loved one to murder, it is a tragic and unique loss not always understood by others. Cornerstone of Hope is offering a group specifically for those facing this sudden loss. General bereavement topics will be addressed, with particular attention given to the specific issues that arise after a death resulting from murder.

Overdose Loss | Cornerstone has recognized a great need for a support group specifically for individuals that have lost a loved one to accidental overdose. This unique loss can leave families with many unanswered questions along with a myriad of difficult emotions. This group hopes to bring people together who have experienced similar losses, offers education about the addiction process, provides support for the numerous emotional reactions to this particular loss, and assists participants in moving forward with hope.

Perinatal/Infant Loss | Losing a child in-utero or as an infant is devastating and not always acknowledged or understood by many. This group allows individuals and couples the opportunity to share this monumental loss and begin to heal together. General grief issues will be addressed, and we will also discuss the specific needs that arise after the death of an infant, whether through miscarriage, neo-natal, still birth or loss of an infant age 2 and under.

Spouse Loss | The death of a spouse can leave a huge void in one’s life. This group allows those who have lost a spouse or significant other to find hope and support.

Suicide Loss | When a person has lost a loved one by suicide, their grief can be complicated. Cornerstone is offering a group specifically for these survivors. General bereavement issues will be addressed but with particular attention given to the specific needs that arise due to loss from suicide.

TAPS | TAPS is tragedy assistance for anyone who has lost a military loved one, regardless of the relationship or the circumstances of the death. Founded in 1994, TAPS is a front line resource to military families. We invite you to join us as we provide support, care and hope with fellow survivors in a spirit of friendship and understanding. You do not have to attend every month, only when you are able or feel that you need support.

Young Adult | For individuals who are ages 18-29, grieving the loss of a parent, sibling, or other significant loved one can look different than for those further along in their life. This group provides an environment for young adults to support one another in this specific stage of life, while providing education and hope.