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Individual Counseling 

Individual counseling services are available to children, teens, and adults who are looking for support after experiencing the death of a loved one. All counselors are caring, licensed professionals who are specifically trained in grief counseling. Services are based upon our bereavement program, where we can support you on your grief journey. If an individual has experienced a trauma in relation to their loss, we offer a number of trauma therapies to help alleviate those effects. We welcome and serve all who seek bereavement support.

To inquire about Individual Counseling for Adults or Children, please contact Cornerstone of Hope at 216-524-4673.

Art Therapy
While typically used with children, art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process involved in the making of art is healing and life-enhancing. No artistic skill is necessary to benefit from art therapy. Because verbalizing thoughts and feeling can be difficult, especially during stressful life events, an art therapist can guide the client through the creative process in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. The artwork can also be a stepping stone to verbal communication about feelings or events.

Individual Grief Counseling for Adults
Sessions are 50 minutes in length
Flat Rate Fee is $75 per session

Individual Grief Counseling for Children 
Available to children and teens 5-18 years of age
Sessions are 40-60 minutes in length
Flat Rate Fee is $75 per session

Couple / Family Counseling 
Members of the same family who have experienced the same loss often grieve very differently. A couple or family session can offer the ability for all involved to come together in a supportive environment to share their grief with one another and begin to learn ways to cope as both individuals and as a family.
Sessions are 40-60 minutes in length
Flat Rate Fee is $100 per session

Compassionate Care Program

Cornerstone of Hope has a Compassionate Care Program for individuals who are unable to afford the session fee. Please contact Cornerstone of Hope at 216-524-4673 to find out more.

Our Approach

Helping You Through The Grief Process 

At Cornerstone of Hope, we believe that it is important for children, adolescents, and adults to understand the bereavement process and be given opportunities to openly express their emotions. Grief is not a problem to be solved or a disease to be cured. It is a natural and normal response to loss. We provide a place where every grieving client can find support and guidance as they learn to live through their loss. Through counseling, our professional clinical staff help clients understand that their thoughts and feelings are valid and empower them to find healthy ways to cope with those experiences. Below are some basic insights into the grief patterns of children, adolescents, and adults:

Preschool Age

We believe that all children grieve a loss; however, they are not all developmentally ready to work through their grief with the help of a professional. It is difficult for young children under the age of six to talk about their grief at a scheduled time. When young children are feeling their grief, they express it in the moment sometimes verbally but often through their behaviors. It is important for the parents and caregivers to understand how their young child experiences grief so that they can better support them through the process. Children younger than six may be appropriate for limited sessions with a therapist, but the focus of clinical care is providing a parent/caregiver with the tools to emotionally support the child.

Elementary School and Middle School Age

Children understand the finality of death, and are more capable of working through their grief with the help of a professional. Due to their cognitive development, it can be difficult for children to express their grief verbally. Through the use of books, games, and art and creative therapy, we help children understand their emotions and learn healthy ways to cope. The therapist also keeps open communication with the parent/caregiver to provide parenting support.

High School Age

Due to their already difficult life stage, the adolescent’s experience with grief is unique. They are not children, nor are they adults. Instead, teens constitute a special group of mourners who deserve a special kind of care and consideration from the adults around them. We use various creative therapies to help adolescents work through their grief, while educating them about the grief process.


Adults are not able to experience grief in a vacuum. They also have the added stressors of work, family, and personal life. There may be new financial and social challenges presented by the loss. In addition to addressing their feelings of grief, adults often benefit from support around some of these important factors that can complicate their grief journey. Master’s Level licensed professionals provide evidence-based therapy to assist clients through their grief journey.

Please call us today at 216-524-4673 to learn more about how our grief counseling services in Cleveland, OH, can help you or a loved one.