Grief Transformed Workshop

Testimonies speak volumes to those in need of support. To help reach those in need, we are asking our past clients to express how they have been given hope through our services at Cornerstone of Hope. If you have benefitted from any of our services, join us for our upcoming Grief Transformed workshop.

Come and create collages, write stories, paint and draw as ways to express your journey through grief. Your artwork will be used to reach out to others in need of help and to demonstrate the kinds of activities we use while providing services.


Thank you to all who participated in our Spring Grief Transformed Workshop. Your testimonies of hope will be a blessing to so many who are seeking support in their time of need. From the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful for your participation.

Hosted at Cornerstone of Hope, Independence

FREE EVENT for Adults & Children (Ages 5+)

Check back for our next workshop!