Pain to Purpose Retreat

The Pain to Purpose Retreat was an opportunity to embrace the harsh reality of life and death while embracing the beauty of God’s presence in the context of Christian Community. Those attending this retreat have experienced the painful loss of a loved one and are trusting in the provision of God to guide them on the journey from pain to purpose. At Cornerstone of Hope, we confidently trust and believe all purpose in every life flows from the eternal reality of our Creator God. ”  – Ty Morgan, MSW, LSW Spiritual Care Coordinator/Clinician


Save the Date – April 3rd-5th, 2020 for the 3rd Annual Pain to Purpose Retreat

at the Jesuit Retreat House in Parma


If you are grieving the loss of a loved one, you understand all too well how debilitating grief can be.  Yet, in those darkest moments we may actually ask questions we never might have needed to ask before.  What is this life all about? Where am I going when this life is through?  How can I see my loved one again?

Join us for our 3rd Annual Pain to Purpose weekend where we intentionally encounter the journey of suffering together. This weekend will provide opportunities to meet others with similar losses, hear from inspirational speakers, share stories in a safe environment, spend quiet time in prayer, and transform that pain into purpose through our risen hope in Christ.


Please check back for registration details.