Frequently Asked Questions

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What is grief counseling?
Clients meet one-on-one with a licensed clinician to discuss their grief, learn more about the grieving process, find helpful ways to cope and meaningful ways to remember their loved one while receiving support in a safe and confidential setting.

Expressive arts, play intervention, and other modalities are employed to help children and teens find comfortable ways to express their thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive setting. Members of the same family who have experienced the same loss often grieve very differently.

A couple's session or family session can offer all involved to come together in a supportive environment to share their grief and begin to learn ways to cope as both individuals and as a family.
What should I expect during my first counseling appointment?
You should plan to arrive 15 minutes before your first appointment to complete intake paperwork if you haven't already completed it electronically. We will need to make a copy of your insurance card and a credit or debit card to keep on file.

Your counselor will talk with you to design an individualized approach for counseling. Our counselors use a number of therapeutic approaches in providing services where achievable goals are set to help you on your journey through grief.
How much do your services cost?
Individual Counseling – $50 per 50-minute counseling session.

Couple's Counseling and Family Counseling - $75 per 50-minute counseling session.

For individuals wishing to join a Support Group, there is a one-time fee of $50.
Do you accept insurance?
At this time, all services are private pay, but we anticipate accepting insurance shortly. Cornerstone of Hope understands the importance of receiving grief support that is easily accessible and affordable. We are pleased to announce that we will begin accepting insurance coverage in the summer of 2021 and will continue to add private insurance providers later this year. Please contact our office with any questions and to schedule an appointment.

If your insurance provider allows for reimbursement, a team member will be happy to provide you with a superbill to submit directly to your insurance provider until we begin accepting insurance.

To reach our Cleveland office, call 216-524-4673, and to contact our Columbus office, call 614-824-4285.
Will I receive different care based on my payment method?
At Cornerstone of Hope, we are committed to providing all of our clients with therapeutic grief counseling regardless of financial barriers. Our compassionate team of licensed professionals are dedicated to providing support, education, and hope for your unique grief journey.

While we provide every client with the same quality of care, insurance providers often have restrictions or require additional documentation to pay for counseling. Insurance companies typically pay for a limited number of sessions, which may vary based on different factors. Insurance companies often require a mental health diagnosis.

While grief is a normal, natural response to death and loss, there may be circumstances that make coping more challenging, including a new or pre-existing mental diagnosis. Clients who do not want a mental health diagnosis, or clients for whom a diagnosis is not appropriate, will be asked to pay the self-pay flat fee rates.

Please speak with your clinician or contact our office for more information.
What hours are your services available?
Cornerstone of Hope offices are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Friday. Telehealth, a virtual counseling option may be available during other times.
How can I help my family member or friend who just lost a loved one?
Who do we serve?
We welcome and serve all who are looking for support after experiencing the death of a loved one, regardless of faith background.
How do I know if I need individual counseling support or support group?
A team member will be able to answer your questions as every circumstance is different.
How do I register for a Support Group?
For more information on our upcoming Support Groups, please visit