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Volunteer-driven fundraisers are an important part of Cornerstone of Hope’s fundraising efforts. All fundraisers, large and small, play a vital role in raising awareness and funds to help support Cornerstone of Hope’s programs and services.

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Hosting a Fundraiser to Benefit Cornerstone of Hope

Thank you for your interest in supporting Cornerstone of Hope by hosting a personal fundraising event to support grieving children, teens and adults in our community. A personal fundraising event is one in which an individual or organization, outside of Cornerstone of Hope, organizes and executes, and which the proceeds will directly benefit our organization. The individual or organization is responsible for the major components of the planning of the event, including sponsorships, insurance, permits, expenses, publicity, etc.

We are so thankful for the many supporters throughout the community who organize activities and events to support Cornerstone of Hope. They have organized activities such as Jean Days, Corn Hole Tournaments, Golf Outings, Scrabble Tournaments, Fashion Shows, and Family Picnics. We are open to hearing any idea you have to raise money to allow grieving families to receive the services they need after a loss. No matter the size of the event or activity, every dollar raised directly impacts the support we are able to provide for families.

Cornerstone of Hope’s mission is to provide support, education, and hope for the grieving. Please read the Fundraising Event Guidelines below and complete the required Fundraising Event Application Form. Although Cornerstone of Hope encourages personal fundraising events, we must approve all events at least 30 days in advance. Only the personal fundraising events which support our mission will be approved.

Thank you again for your interest in planning a fundraiser to benefit Cornerstone of Hope!

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As a 501(c)(3) organization, Cornerstone of Hope must protect our tax-exempt status. Therefore, you are not permitted to use our tax exemption in any manner or as part of the promotion of your event, nor will you represent to the public that you enjoy any tax-exempt rights or privileges as a result of your role in the event, nor will you state that any portion of the purchase price for any goods or services at the event is tax deductible for charity purposes.