If you are here on the resource section of our website, most likely you have experienced a death of a loved one or you work with bereaved children, adults or families.  Our goal with this resource section of our website is to assist you in understanding death and bereavement, as well as to provide you resources on various aspects of loss.  You may have questions and concerns about the grief process for yourself, your children, or other family members. With this in mind, Cornerstone of Hope is providing this information to help you understand the specific type of loss or who may be dealing with the loss of a loved one, such as children.

We have specialized resources for the following topics

Adult Grief

Children’s Grief

Overdose Loss

Suicide Loss

Complicated Loss

Miscarriage Loss

Murder Loss

If you have any questions about grief, either in general or specific to your client situation, please feel free to consult with one of our experienced grief counselors, who will be happy to answer questions and provide additional resources and interventions.

Cornerstone of Hope is committed to providing comprehensive bereavement services to children, teens and adults. If Cornerstone can help you, please contact us at 216.524.4673 for Cleveland or 614.824.4285 for Columbus.