Spiritual Resources

“Jesus, I Ache” from Grieving with Hope, Leaning on Jesus ~ by Tim Wesemann

Jesus, I ache.

Emotionally. Physically. Spiritually.

I hear you are close to the brokenhearted.

I need You close to me.

Hold me. Help me. Bring me hope.

As I lead on You, quiet me in Your love,

Whispering Your promises of hope

Into my life.

Yes, Jesus, I ache.

My heart aches for You.

My heart aches for Your hope and help.

I trust You…. Even in my grief.



“Sometimes It’s Too Silent”

It makes me feel alone, and often sad.

But I can also say I need Your holy silence.

The kind where you just sit with me quietly, Lord.

The kind where I know you are near.

The kind where I know you are working for my good, even when I don’t have a clue.

I want to be still and simply know that

You are God.

You are my God, my Savior, my Friend.

Even when you are silent, I will trust you.

Quiet me with your love.

Sit with me. Quiet me. You are God. Shhh.

You are my God. Shhh.

I find my rest in You. Shhh.


Be still, and know that I am God from Psalm 46:10

We need to be reminded that we are not God and we are not in control. This seems pretty simple. You wouldn’t think it would be hard to remember. But we get so caught up in proving ourselves by performing, achieving and rescuing that we forget that we are humans with real limits. We fill our time so full of frenzied activity that there is no ‘stillness’.

And when there is no stillness, it is hard to remember who is God and who is not. It is hard to remember it is God who is control and not us. Fortunately, God does not forget who is God and who is not. God invites us to quiet ourselves, to slow ourselves down. God invites us to be still long enough to regain perspective. “Be still”, God says, “and know that I am God.” In the stillness we can see again that there is a difference between our frenzy and God’s kingdom. It is God’s work to sustain and guide and heal. It is not our work. We can do our part. But our part needs to be respectful of our human limits. Our part needs to actively acknowledge our dependence on God. God is God, and we are not. Only God is sover­eign and we are not. Creator God,

Help me to slow down, Lord.

Help me to be quiet.

Help me to be still long enough to remember that you are God.

Help me to remember who is creature and who is Creator.

Let this truth free me, Lord, to accept my limits, Amen.