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Support Groups

Cornerstone of Hope offers a unique support group experience, open to all, regardless of ethnic, cultural and faith backgrounds.

In Columbus, we offer structured grief support groups each quarter led by professional facilitators. Our grief support groups have a specialized curriculum according to the type of loss experienced and are designed to support the unique needs of grievers. At the weekly support groups, facilitators guide participants through grief reactions and issues specific to the loss type, and provide opportunities for participants to share their feelings and experiences. Each group meets for 8-10 weeks.


Support Group Reunion

Fall 2022 Reunion

Wednesday, Sepetember 28, 2022  |  6PM
Cornerstone of Hope Conference Room

Have you participated in a Cornerstone of Hope Support Group, but haven’t been able to find an additional community of others who have also experienced the loss of a loved one? 

Join us to meet up with others who have the shared experience of grieving the loss of a loved one, but also have participated in a support group through Cornerstone of Hope. Enjoy an evening socializing with others, while embracing the Cornerstone of Hope community and shared experience of loss. 

In order to participate in a Support Group, you must complete a Group Readiness Assessment and pay a one-time fee.

Please refer to the list of Support Group offerings below to schedule your Group Readiness Assessment at our Columbus Location. Your Group Readiness Assessment must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the group in order to enroll.

When does each group meet?

Our Support Group Calendar is updated quarterly with pertinent dates for each section.

What makes our groups different?

Led by professionally trained and experienced facilitators.

Closed groups—new individuals will not be joining the group mid-session, who you start the group with is who you continue the journey with

Loss specific groups so you are with others who have experienced a similar loss

Groups run weekly and are offered several times throughout the year

What should I expect?

Each meeting is two hours in length in a warm, home-like environment

A light meal or refreshments are provided every week at no charge

Weekly handouts that include readings, resources and exercises to help you make the most of your group experience

Peer mentors, those who have walked a similar journey, are there to welcome you


Grief Support Groups

Child Grief

By incorporating education, peer support, and art interventions, children will be able to explore their grief process and find hope after loss.

Teen Grief

By incorporating education, peer support, and art interventions, teens will be able to explore their grief process and find hope after loss.

Young Adult Grief

This group is for people who are ages 18 through 32 years old and grieving the loss of a loved one. This group brings people together, who because of their age, are able to find a strong support system and education together.

Adult Grief

Losing a parent, sibling or friend can deeply impact an individual. This group is for all adults who are grieving the death of a loved one no matter the relationship.

Senior Grief

Losing a loved one is difficult at any age. As an older adult, you may have also experienced the death of loved ones in the past. However, each time you lose someone special, there is a distinct journey of grief, and this loss may come with unique difficulties.

Family Grief

Losing a parent, sibling or friend can deeply impact an individual. This group is for families who are grieving the death of a loved one no matter the relationship.


Specialized Care Support Groups

Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Losing a child in-utero or as an infant is devastating and not always acknowledged or understood by many. This group allows individuals and couples the opportunity to share this monumental loss and begin to heal together. General grief issues will be addressed, but we will also discuss the specific needs that arise after a death of an infant, whether through miscarriage, neo-natal, still birth or other infant loss (ages 2 and under).

Hope After Suicide Loss

When a person has lost a loved one to suicide, their grief can be complicated. Cornerstone is offering a group specifically for these survivors. General bereavement issues will be touched on, but particular attention will be given to the specific needs and stigmas that arise due to loss from suicide.

Hope After Overdose Loss

Cornerstone has recognized a great need for a support group for families that have lost a loved one to overdose. This unique loss can leave families with many unanswered questions along with a myriad of difficult emotions. This group hopes to bring people together who have experienced similar losses, offer some education about the addiction process, offer support for the numerous emotional reactions that accompany this particular loss, and provides some helpful insight for moving forward with hope.

Hope In Music Teen Support Group

Through conversation and guided trauma-informed exercises in mindfulness and meditation, participants come together to share grief experiences, emotions, and ideas. Working alongside a professional musician/songwriter in the genre of the group’s choosing, they will then collectively turn those conversations into a radio-ready song with accompanying visual art. This group is for ages 10-16 and will meet for 8 weeks.

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