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Lima Support Groups

In our Lima location, we provide numerous groups for children, teens and adults that provide support and tools for topics such as managing emotions, healthy coping strategies, relationship dynamics, healing from loss, anxiety and depression, grief.

These groups not only offer support, but also equip group members with practical skills to manage life challenges with hope and healing. 


In order to participate in a Support Group, you must complete an online registration form and pay a one-time fee.

Please refer to the list of Support Group offerings below to register at our Lima location.  In addition to the online registration form, intake paperwork will be emailed prior to group and must be completed before the first group session.

What makes our groups in Lima different?

Led by professionally trained and experienced facilitators.

Closed groups—new individuals will not be joining the group mid-session, who you start the group with is who you continue the journey with

Each group will equip members with practical skills that can be applied immediately to discover hope and healing

Groups run weekly and are offered various times throughout the year

What should I expect from a group in Lima?

Groups vary in length and cost depending on topics and time frames

Group members will receive practical skills taught and processed during the groups

To discover the comfort of knowing you are not alone

Faith integrated into each group session


Specialized Care Groups

Grief Lunch Support Group

Losing a loved one is incredibly painful, but not something you are meant to do alone. You are invited to come share a meal, process the journey of grief, and gain practical tools to move through grief knowing you are not alone. This is an 8-week group with lunch provided.

Men of Integrity

Pornography and sexual temptation are battles that many men face. These often result in feelings of insecurity, isolation, shame, disgust, regret and endless cycles to quit. The hope for this battle is found through meeting with a band of brothers to support one another, know the enemy, strategize tools and be properly equipped. This 8-week group will provide accountability, support and practical applications for men to support one another in the battle against pornography and sexual temptation.

Women’s Managing Anxiety and Depression Group

Anxiety and depression often hold many women captive. God has provided practical skills to help us avoid the painful bondage of these emotions and thoughts. This group will process through discussion, experience and practical application on how to:

  • Recognize triggers and minimize escalated emotions
  • Apply healthy calming techniques and coping strategies
  • Keep thoughts from ruling emotion and action
  • Be aware of hindrances to the peace God offers, how to rediscover it and live in it
  • Manage traps that lead to anxiety and depression such as performance/perfection, fear, negative thoughts, sense of unworthiness, busyness, pride and past

Rebuilding Hope Women’s Group

Many women are walking through private and sometimes even public pain after discovering their husband has been unfaithful. Unfaithfulness comes in the form of emotional and physical affairs as well as pornography. Women often endure this pain in isolation wondering if they are the only one. This group will help women to:

  • Remember they are not alone
  • Recognize and acknowledge their emotions
  • Re-process their thoughts in healthy ways
  • Restore their confidence and identity
  • Rebuild their hope

Healthy Relationships

One of our greatest needs is relationships, and when they are unhealthy, our entire life is affected. Women face numerous challenges to healthy relationships. Yet, it is very possible in God’s design for women to live each day with healthy perspectives of themselves and others. Trying to do this alone is not how we were created. Cornerstone is offering a group for women to educate and equip them to live out the healthy relationships God desires for them. This group will equip women with:

  • Healthy identity and value of self
  • Healthy perspective on relationships
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Healthy understanding of the scope of intimacy
  • Healthy relationship with God experienced personally and lived out in community

For Kids and Teens

Battling Big Emotions (K-4th)

An exciting, unique experience of creativity mixed with learning for kids! LEGOs provide a natural vehicle for creativity. Blending this creativity with various physical, social and emotional learning activities provides a great atmosphere for kids to learn while they create! Through the use of LEGOs and other hands-on fun, attendees will learn:

  • How their brains are wired
  • Self-Regulation and calming strategies
  • Healthy expression of emotion through colors and building
  • How to choose healthy reactions to process life situations
  • Practical techniques to cope with emotional situations
  • Increase self-confidence and empathy skills

Kids Navigating Anxiety (2nd-4th)

This group is for children ages 2nd-4th grade who struggle with anxious feelings and thoughts. The good news is that they are not alone and there are numerous hands-on, practical, creative ways to help them combat these thoughts and emotions in healthy ways! Cornerstone will seek to equip them with tools to grow their confidence and resiliency as they work to conquer their anxiety! Throughout this 6-week group children will learn:

  • What happens before, during, and after an anxious experience
  • How anxiety affects their body and their thoughts
  • How to identify “ThoughtHoles” (distortions in thinking)
  • How to combat anxiety using the FARR method (Freeze, Adjust, Recognize, Resolve)
  • To utilize coping skills such as breathing exercises, mindfulness, thought redirection

Resilient Teens (Middle School, Grades 5-8)

This group will equip students with education on how their brains and bodies are wired to process stress, positive coping techniques and how to implement them, healthier outlooks and application of strengths to daily challenges, strategies to maintain healthy friendships, establish social media boundaries and live with resiliency!

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