TagMo APK Official Download for Android – Create Amiibos for Free [2021]

If you are a Nintendo gamer, you must be already knowing about TagMo App, but if you are new to this app read the complete article to know more about TagMo APK. Nintendo gamers use Amiibos (Figurines) that get connected to the game and enhance the gaming experience. But the problem arises when you can’t afford an Amiibo for your game or the Amiibo you need is not easily available, then the gamer has to play without those features. But now with TagMo, you can create your own Amiibo or NTAG215 NFC tags sitting at your home just by using your Android Phone that supports NFC (Near-field communication). In this article, you can Download the Official TagMo APK v2.7.0 for your Android phone and gain all the knowledge to use this innovative app.

Requirements for Creating Amiibo using TagMo App

You need the following things to create Amiibo on your own using TagMo:

  1. TagMo Application installed on your Android Phone.
  2. Android phone with NFC feature enabled.
  3. Amiibo .bin file that you want to write on the NFC.
  4. TagMo App files.

Download TagMo APK 2.7.0 for Free

Click on the download link below to download the latest version of TagMo APK to your Android phone and follow the installation instructions given in the next section to install the APK file without any issue.

Download TagMo APK for Android

Once you download the provided APK file to your Android device you can follow the steps given below to install it.

How to Install TagMo APK on Android Device?

Step 1: Download the latest TagMo APK from the official link provided above.
Step 2: Navigate to the security settings of your Android device from your general settings.
Step 3: Enable the “Unknown sources” option in your security settings and this will allow you to install the download TagMo APK file.
Step 4: Now, open the downloaded APK file from your file manager and click on “Install” button to initiate the installation.
Step 5: Once, the installation is completed you can open TagMo from your apps and start writing Amiibo.

TagMo App Description

TagMo is an application is NFC writing tool that can easily write NTAG215 NFC tags for different games and apps without having to spend any money. Usually, players have to find and buy physical Amiibo which contains NTAG215 NFC tags that connects to the games and add features or add games to your Nintendo. But with TagMo you can exactly create a copy of the needed Amiibo onto any simple NFC Sticker and use it like Amiibo on the game. All you have to do is download the .Bin Data files of the needed Amiibo to your Android device and connect an NFC sticker to your phone, and use the Tagmo application to write the .bin files to the NFC Sticker and use it exactly like the original Amiibo.



We hope that you got a clear picture of what TagMo APK is about and how to use it to create your own virtual Amiibos for free. Keep visiting our website regularly to get the latest Technology hacks that’s been never shared before.