Cornerstone of Hope is now offering Telehealth, virtual technology to offer care from the privacy of your home. Telehealth offers flexible scheduling, convenience, and access to mental health services for individuals who might not otherwise have had access. Offering Telehealth will allow Cornerstone to continue to provide counseling to our clients and anyone seeking services within the State of Ohio.



  • What is Telehealth?

o   Put simply, Telehealth offers mental health care services via videoconferencing or telephone in real-time.

  • Is Telehealth HIPAA compliant?

o   Yes. Cornerstone of Hope continues to take the privacy of our clients very seriously. Any and all information shared during a Telehealth session is treated as securely as information shared during a typical office visit. No audio or video is recorded or stored from any Telehealth session.

  • What technology do I need to start Telehealth with my counselor?

o   Clients may use any smart phone, tablet, or computer that has internet access and has a built in microphone and camera. It is not necessary to download any apps. Counselors will send a secure link via email in order to join your session.

o   If using a laptop or desktop, you must have access to a high speed internet connection.

  • What browser should I use?

o   If using a Desktop or Laptop, please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari.

o   If using a tablet or smart phone, please use Google Chrome for Android or Safari for iOS 11 or newer iPhone or iPad.

o   For optimum speed, close all other tabs prior to your Telehealth session.

  • What location can I use for my session?

o   We recommend choosing quiet well-lit place in your home with no distractions.

o   Position your phone, tablet, or computer so that your counselor is able to see your whole face.

  • Is there a cost for Telehealth services?

o   Telehealth sessions are billed the same as typical office visits.

  • Is Telehealth appropriate for children?

o   Telehealth services are suitable for ages 5 and up.


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