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Community Response

Mid-Ohio Traumatic Loss Response Team


In the last 19 years, we have served thousands of children, teens and adults as they have navigated one of the most difficult things they will ever walk through—the traumatic death of a loved one.

Most recently, we’ve experienced an incredible increase in opioid deaths, and due to COVID related mental health issues, the rise of the depression and suicide rate.

Through the generous support of our local mental health boards, we are excited to announce the formation of the Mid-Ohio Traumatic Loss Response Team. This program will train peer mentors to provide support and companionship to people immediately after the loss of a loved one to suicide or accidental overdose. Research shows that postvention services decrease trauma responses and aides in the healing process.

  • Delaware County
  • Morrow County
  • Crawford County
  • Marion County
You can bring hope to the grieving by offering compassionate support in a variety of ways:
  • On call support
  • Peer Support
  • Follow up calls
  • Community Outreach
  • Data Management
  • Administrative Support
  • First responder

Training will be provided and no previous experience is required.


We are looking for compassionate, reliable volunteers to receive training and provide follow up and outreach to individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide or overdose. Volunteers can be lay people, clergy, community members, or individuals who have themselves experienced loss.

Volunteers who intend to serve on a regular basis must (1) be at least 18 years old, (2) attend an orientation and training, and (3) undergo a background check.                                                              

Interested in volunteering, or know someone who may be interested? Please call 1-833-634-4673 (HOPE) or fill out the Interest Form below.


Community Response to Grief

Grief is the natural and normal response to loss.

Experiencing grief can impact an individual or group in unexpected ways. Whether you are grieving a loss or affected by grief in the workplace, the guidance and reassurance of professionals is helpful.

Cornerstone of Hope offers support and education to local businesses and organizations who have experienced a death. When a community is impacted by loss, Cornerstone of Hope can provide support and education in a variety of ways.

• Grief Resources and Materials
• Onsite Education and Support Services
• Consultation

For additional information or to inquire about our Community Response to Grief Services, please call 216-524-4673 or send an email to


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