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Education Director, Former Client, Discuss Impact of Traumatic Loss on Survivors’ Mental Health for Ideastream Public Media

May 26, 2023
1 min read
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May 25 Feature Addresses Behavioral Changes Seen in Survivors When Grieving a Traumatic Loss

Cleveland, Ohio (May 25, 2023) - Cornerstone of Hope's education director, Julia Ellifritt, and former client, Mike Smith, were recently asked to share how traumatic loss can affect the mental health of survivors in a feature on Ideastream Public Media/WKSU.

The feature, "Traumatic grief can cause dramatic changes in behavior, mental health experts say," by Taylor Wizner, shares Mike Smith's personal story of losing his daughter, Hillary to a drug overdose in 2016, and how it affected him both physically and emotionally. He explains in the article that Cornerstone of Hope's Overdose Loss support group was an essential part of his healing process, and that hope exists for those who grieve.

"Smith said he'll always feel the loss of his daughter, but he wants others who are grieving to know healing is possible, " states Taylor.

Ellifritt shares her experience counseling survivors of traumatic loss, and the types of behaviors seen in those grieving these types of losses.

“There's this sense of, 'I don't really care what happens to me. If I die, I get to go to heaven and be with that person sooner, ' so there's risk-taking behaviors," Julia explains.

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