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Message of Hope

monarch butterfly perched on orange flower in close up photography during daytime

Hope Springs Eternal—Even in Grief

Not one day goes by that I don’t think about my Mom and miss her but I rest in God’s promise that we will see each other again. It’s that promise that carries me—and I see that promise reflected every Spring as his world comes back to life.


Grief Transformed

Over the years we’ve heard from grievers who want to share the story of their journey as an encouragement.

If you feel called to be the inspiration for other grievers, please contact us to share your story.

Amy’s Story

When my husband passed away, I immediately found the need to find someplace to help me get through it. Cornerstone was just that place.

Saundra & Angela’s Story

I knew that I wanted to give whatever I could to the place that helped give me hope again, just like my sister, Camie, with the kind heart would have done. God allowed everything to come full circle.

Kyle Kiffer’s Story

I went through one year in a very deep spiritual valley. However, one Sunday morning, I woke up while in College and realized that something was missing. Something was different in my heart.

Kodi Pride’s Story

There are not enough words to accurately share the journey of birthing, caring, and loving a child who was impaired in every area but love.