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Frequently Asked Questions


Grief Counseling

What types of Counseling are offered at Cornerstone of Hope?

Cornerstone of Hope offers individual, couples, and family grief counseling for children, teens, and adults. Clients meet with a licensed clinician in a safe and confidential setting. 

What kinds of counseling issues does Cornerstone of Hope address, and at which locations?

Cornerstone of Hope provides comprehensive grief counseling and support at all three of our Ohio locations: ClevelandColumbus, and Lima.

In addition to our grief counseling services, our Lima, Ohio location also offers the following counseling services:

Divorce Recovery
Pre-Marital and Marriage Counseling
Parenting Support
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Stress Management
Behavioral Concerns
Additional mental health concerns

What does it cost?


Cornerstone of Hope offers counseling services at an affordable cost for individuals, couples and families of all ages. Costs vary by age, number of individuals per session, and based on form of payment (insurance vs self-pay).

We accept Medicaid and Medicare for counseling services for eligible clients, and are an “in network” provider for Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual, United Health Care, Caresource, and Cigna insurance companies. 

Those without insurance or using Out-of-Network coverage may find the financial aspect of seeking counseling to be particularly challenging. We believe that everyone should have access to grief counseling, regardless of their financial situation. In line with this belief, we are pleased to introduce our "Gift of Hope" program.

Our “Gift of Hope” program is designed to assist clients who are uninsured or out of the network. It does not apply to clients who choose not to utilize their insurance coverage. Through this program, you may be eligible for a reduced self-pay rate based on your financial circumstances.

To determine your eligibility for the “Gift of Hope” program, please contact us at We are here to guide you through the application process and find the best possible solution to meet your needs.


Our Lima office does not accept insurance. Rates are $75 per hour for all clients, with the exception of our initial Marriage Session rate of $112.50 (1.5 hours), with subsequent hourly rates of $75.

How do I schedule counseling?


To schedule a counseling appointment, you may call the location of your choice to speak to an intake specialist, or complete a Client Interest Form.


To schedule a counseling appointment, you must first call the Lima office to speak to an intake specialist.

For all locations, you will then need to fill out our intake paperwork as follows:

  1. To schedule an individual appointment, please complete the intake paperwork for yourself.
  2. If you are a parent/guardian filling this out for your child or adolescent (anyone under 18 years old) please use the child/teen intake form.
  3. If you are looking to pursue marriage or family counseling, we require completed intake paperwork for all individuals that will regularly be part of the counseling time.
  4. If you are pursuing family counseling, all active participants who are over 18 must fill out their own intake form.


Clients who are scheduled for counseling in our Cleveland and Columbus offices may access intake forms via our Advanced MD Patient Portal


Clients who are scheduled for counseling in our Lima office can access intake forms at, or directly using the button below.

How long do sessions last?

Individual sessions are typically 50 minutes in length for adults, and 40-60 minutes for children and teens. Couples and family sessions are approximately 40-60 minutes in length.


Remote Counseling

Do you offer remote counseling?

Yes! Cornerstone of Hope offers Telehealth, a virtual technology to offer care from the privacy of your home via videoconference or telephone. Telehealth offers flexible scheduling, convenience, and access to grief and mental health services for individuals who might not otherwise have had access. Offering Telehealth allows Cornerstone of Hope to continue to provide counseling to our clients and anyone seeking services within the State of Ohio. Telehealth sessions are billed the same as typical office visits.

Is Telehealth HIPAA compliant?

Yes. Cornerstone of Hope continues to take the privacy of our clients very seriously. Any and all information shared during a Telehealth session is treated as securely as information shared during a typical office visit. No audio or video is recorded or stored from any Telehealth session.

What technology do I need to start Telehealth with my counselor?

Clients may use any smartphone, tablet, or computer that has internet access and has a built-in microphone and camera. It is not necessary to download any apps. Counselors will send a secure link via email in order to join your session. If using a laptop or desktop, you must have access to a high speed internet connection.

What browser should I use?

If using a Desktop or Laptop, please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari. If using a tablet or smartphone, please use Google Chrome for Android or Safari for iOS 11 or newer iPhone or iPad. For optimum speed, close all other tabs prior to your Telehealth session.

What location can I use for my session?

We recommend choosing a quiet, well-lit place in your home with no distractions. Position your phone, tablet, or computer so that your counselor is able to see your whole face.

Is Telehealth appropriate for children?

Telehealth services are suitable for ages 5 and up.


Support Groups

How long do support groups last?

Support Groups are offered on a quarterly basis, and last approximately 8-10 weeks.

Will new people come to each group session?

Our support groups are closed groups—meaning the attendance is set at the beginning, and you will attend each group with the same individuals. This way, you can grow from week to week, and build upon the experiences with the same group of people. 

How do I join a support group?

In order to participate in a support group, you must complete a client evaluation session and pay a one-time $75 fee.*

To schedule your intake, please call the location of your choice and speak to an intake specialist. Your Intake must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the group in order to enroll.

*grant-funded support groups are exempt from intake fees.


Continuing Education and Training

Who may attend?

Continuing education programs are open to any community professional including, but not limited to, Social Workers, Counselors, Nurses, Funeral Directors, School Staff, and Church Leaders.

What credits are available?

Most programs have been approved by the Counselor and Social Worker Board through provider number #RCS070701.

The Nursing Board accepts continuing education hours approved by any other credentialing agency. Please call 216.524.4673 to see if Funeral Director credits are available for the program.

What is your late or cancellation policy?

Please arrive on time for all scheduled workshops. If you arrive late to a workshop you will not receive a certificate. Partial credit will not be given. In order to receive a CEU certificate, you must be present for the entire workshop. Refunds are available if you cancel in advance of 48 hours prior to the program. Please note that any program with less than 4 people registered will be canceled 48 hours prior to the program date. All participants who have signed up will be notified by phone and will be issued a refund.

What payment types are accepted?

Pre-payment is required in advance for all programs. You may pay via credit card during online registration.

Upon registering and payment for CEU programs, registrants will receive an email verifying submission and registration.  If you do not receive an email, your registration is not complete.

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