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Education Director, Julia Ellifritt Featured on CCAirwaves Podcast, “Disney and Grief – The Lion King”

August 18, 2023
1 min read
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August 17 Segment Discusses Recurring Themes of Death and Loss in Disney Films such as The Lion King

Cleveland, Ohio (Aug 17, 2023) - Cornerstone of Hope Education Director Julia Ellifritt was featured on Catholic Cemeteries Association's CCAirwaves podcast, "Disney and Grief - The Lion King" to discuss the recurring themes of death and loss found in many Disney films and how it can impact children's views on grief and loss.

In the podcast, the question is raised whether it is a good thing that children are being exposed to these movies that have themes of death and grief so early on in their lives?

"I think it's always good that kids understand loss, because we're raising this generation of adults that don't want to believe the losses that were going to happen to them, that they can just be what they want and do what they want." Julia explains.

The full podcast can be heard on your favorite podcast platforms by clicking this link:

If your child is grieving a loss and needs support, please contact Cornerstone of Hope at 216-524-HOPE, or click below to learn more about our services for grieving children and teens.

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