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Professional Resources

Cornerstone of Hope has developed clinical tools and curriculum to assist those who work with the grieving. These items can be purchased at any of our three locations.

Support Group Participant Workbooks  |  $12 Each
To enhance the Support Group experience, we have developed a Participant Workbook that, with the help of their facilitator, is specifically designed to guide individuals through the grieving process.
This workbook serves as a grief support guide for those impacted by the loss of a loved one. It includes exercises and activities that will help you process your emotions, identify positive coping skills, and work through the challenges of grieving.
Three Topics Available
  • Suicide Loss
  • General Loss
  • Overdose Loss
Grieve With Hope Conversation Cards  |  $10 Each / All 3 for $25
These conversation cards offer individuals the chance to express their feelings, discuss worries, reminisce, and reflect. Each deck of 36 cards are an excellent resource for families, counselors, churches, and more.
Three Topics Available:
  • Grief and Loss
  • Children’s Grief
  • Faith-Based Grief
Healing the Wounded Heart  |  Small: $10 / Large: $25
We are each born with a heart that is pure and ready to be loved and nurtured by others. For many, through the years, that heart gets damaged by hurtful words, traumatic experiences, significant loss and more. Healing the Wounded Heart is a flip book, designed to be interactive with clients, helping them to connect their wounded heart with their faith. When our wounds get heal, our heart is once again full of beauty. Instructions for the clinician are on each page of this creative tool.
Two Sizes Available:
  •  Small 5”x5”
  • Large 12.5”x12.5”
Grieve With Hope Facilitator Tool Kit  |  $70 Each
If you facilitate support groups of any type, this is something you will not want to miss out on. Facilitators are usually looking for ways to incorporate tools and interventions into their work; this kit has done just that! The contents can be used as the facilitator sees fit, based on the need of the group.
  • 3 Decks of Grieve with Hope Conversion Cards - Three deck themes (Grief and Loss, Children’s Grief, and Faith-Based Grief) offer individuals the chance to express their feelings, discuss worries, and reflect.
  • Healing the Wounded Heart Grief Flip Book - An interactive tool designed to use individually with clients or in a group setting to help connect grief and faith.
  • Tote Bag - To conveniently carry your items.
  • Bluetooth Speaker - We encourage you to play a song at the end of each group.
  • Journal - To keep your private notes in.
  • Memorial Candle - To have a place to honor memories.
  • In Memory Sign - For participants to place photos of loved ones around.

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