The Tripodi’s Story

Our Story

In May of 2000, our lives changed forever. On Mother’s Day evening, we rushed our only son, Bobby, to the emergency room with a high fever. Though we knew something was wrong, we both expected it to be only a matter of hours until we were home again. Unfortunately, we did not come home until the next evening, and we did so without our son. Bobby died from bacterial meningitis at the age of three years old.

After Bobby’s death, we searched for comfort and direction. We desperately needed help. Although our world seemed to have stopped, the world that we lived in continued on. Mark was expected to work and Christi needed to care for their other children in the very home that Bobby used to run around and play in – his room now empty and his toys lying in the same spot.  It was a struggle to get through each day.

We started by attending a hospital support group. And while we desperately needed those monthly meetings, the gatherings were not enough. We needed more support during the initial shock of grief. We were emotionally and spiritually drained with no real hope. We had to seek financial support from our family due to the drastic cost of counseling.

After our devastating loss, we felt called to do something more. 

We wanted families like ours to have access to grief care, regardless of their finances. We began to investigate other grief centers, and found organizations around the country dedicated to bereavement care. We traveled to Portland, Oregon to visit the Dougy Center. We also toured, met, and spoke with other founders and directors of bereavement care facilities across the country.

Through our research on these trips, our vision for Cornerstone of Hope emerged. We felt called to establish a bereavement care center that would provide professionally-led grief support for children, teens, and adults.

Unlike the support available to us when we lost Bobby, we created in Cornerstone of Hope a home for grief so that those who are hurting can access support for themselves or their family when they need it most. Our goal is to make life and living possible again and to find new hope after the loss of a loved one. We are committed to turning the pain of our loss into purpose, and for us, Cornerstone of Hope is our way of fulfilling the needs of grievers in Northeast Ohio.

Thank you for supporting Cornerstone of Hope, and our Vision of Creating a World Where No Grieving Person Journeys Alone.


With Hope,


Mark and Christi Tripodi