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Cornerstone of Hope Education Director Shares Grief Tips for WYTV “Positive Parenting” Segment

March 3, 2023
1 min read
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February 13 Segment, "How to Help Kids Cope with Grief" Features Ellifritt's Advice for Parents

Youngstown, Ohio (February 13, 2023) - Cornerstone of Hope's Education Director, Julia Ellifritt, was recently featured on WYTV Youngstown's weekly "Positive Parenting" segment hosted by news reporter Desirae Gostlin. The February 13 segment, "How to Help Kids Cope with Grief" shares Ellifritt's advice for parents of children who have experienced a loss.

Ellifritt explains not only about loss relating to death of a loved one, but also four types of loss we experience:

  1. Developmental, like weaning from a pacifier
  2. Items, like your car keys
  3. Hopes and dreams, like not getting into the college you’ve always wanted to go to
  4. Death — loss of a loved one is further broken down into traumatic and non-traumatic loss

The full interview can be viewed at

Julia also shares the importance of joining a grief support group or seeking individual counseling if you are struggling with grief and need further assistance along your grief journey.

Learn more about Grief Services →


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